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Bathurst’s Lost Heritage

The heritage streetscapes need to be protected from ‘demolition by neglect’.

The road to approved demolition is often via the route of ‘demolition by neglect’ by allowing a building to deteriorate through lack of security and basic maintenance.  Property owners/developers seek to build a case for approval to demolish. 

On regular occasions Council approves the demolition as part of an approved Development Application but our conservation area is left with a vacant site and the approved development is not proceeded with.

Heritage groups are pressing Council to stand against this process by whatever means possible.

Buy it,

neglect it,

get approval to demolish it.

An eyesore is created and is rewarded with permission to demolish.

The result?


“So much has gone”

“How did this happen”

“You should have seen it”

“Developers have got the upper

“The balance has gone too far”

These are the sorts of reactions of people of Bathurst when asked what they think about the loss of Bathurst’s heritage buildings and streetscapes.





Many buildings have already been lost.





We lose our heritage and get replacement buildings which don’t blend into the streetscape.

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” – Joni Mitchell









Bathurst heritage matters.


What will ‘tomorrow’s heritage’ look like?

With sensitive planning and high standards, heritage buildings and heritage building groups within Bathurst Regional Council conservation areas can coexist with new development.

Replacement buildings within streetscapes need to be of size, scale and height  to maintain the integrity of heritage areas.

Individual buildings can create the heritage of the future.