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Bathurst – Australia’s oldest European inland settlement

Our heritage is…..
Our Past
Our Present
Our Future


In 2036  Bathurst, will be a vibrant community proud and protective of its unique heritage identity.


What is the Bathurst 2036 Heritage Action Network?

The Bathurst 2036 Heritage Action Network is a community action group.

It brings together interested community members who are passionate about Bathurst’s unique heritage character.

It is taking a fresh approach to how we as a community can do a better job on enhancing our heritage.

Heritage is an asset, which if managed well, will enhance the economic and social wellbeing of Bathurst.

  Why ‘2036’?

Bathurst Regional Council has developed the Bathurst 2036 Strategic Plan in consultation with the community.  The community of Bathurst identified heritage as a valued asset.

 The 2036 Plan includes the following objectives:

  • To protect the region’s unique heritage and history.  To protect a unique identity. (11)

  • To market Bathurst as a great place to live, work, study, invest, play and visit (4).

  • To protect and enhance the region’s landscapes, views, vistas, gateways, open spaces and the Macquarie River(9).

The Network provides the opportunity for the community to join with Council in achieving these objectives.

 Why has it been formed?

Because Bathurst Heritage Matters!

There is widespread recognition that our heritage buildings, streetscapes and vistas are a unique asset of Bathurst.  They are central to the attractiveness of Bathurst as a place to live, work, play, visit and invest.

The network has been formed to give voice to community members who want to ensure that our heritage past, present and future is valued.

Many citizens are saying that we need to change what we do as a community to protect our heritage assets.

A majority of councillors elected in September 2012 indicated a commitment to improving heritage conservation and supported some form of heritage committee.

Bathurst 2036 Heritage Action Network will work with councillors in support of the heritage of Bathurst.

We must act now if we are to meet the goals for heritage identified in the Bathurst 2036 Community Strategic Plan.

 What does the network do?

The Network will contribute to the achievement of the heritage related objectives of the Bathurst 2036 Strategic Plan.

The Network will:

  • identify short, medium and long term strategic issues forBathurstheritage and make suggestions for action.
  • support the development and implementation of a heritage action plan
  • advance heritage as a under-developed key tourism asset of the Bathurst region
  • identify and promote Bathurst’s unique history
  • highlight the importance of heritage as a key element of where we live, work, play, visit and invest.
  • work with key decision makers in the Bathurst community to retain and advance heritage.

 Our desired outcomes are:

  • conservation of Bathurst’s residential and commercial heritage streetscapes;
  • high quality of infill developments
  • adaptive re-use of heritage buildings
  • retention of vistas and urban greening
  • enhancement of city gateways
  • maximising the economic value of the heritage assets of Bathurst
  • citizens old and new will value and be proud of the uniqueness of Bathurst’s natural and built environment

How can you participate in the network?

Interested in the heritage of Bathurst?

Want to have a say about the importance of heritage to the future of Bathurst?

Concerned about the heritage streetscapes, city gateways, commercial signage……?

Want to work with other interested people to develop ideas about the key issues and what can be done?

Why not participate in the Bathurst 2036 Heritage Action Network?


No, you don’t have to come to monthly meetings.

No, there is not cost to you.

There is a wide range of ways that you can participate.

You can do any of these – YOU choose…..

  Spread the word

   Receive email newsletters

  Become a subscriber

  Become a partner organisation

  Encourage contacts to subscribe to the network

  Join the public debate through writing/emailing

  Be active in identifying and advancing issues and action areas

  Attend network activities

  Help with promotion

      • writing articles
      • developing publications
      • assisting with website

  Donate money to help with administration and meeting costs

  Attend further special interest heritage forums

  Identify good examples for recognition

  Help with organising activities/events

  Join the co-ordinating group





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